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Jimmy Hart, Ed.S.

Author, Coach, Speaker & Trainer

"I coach people to thrive at RAI - Respect, Affirmation and Inclusion."

Jimmy's journey is a testament to his lifelong dedication to education, leadership, and community service. Starting from an early age, influenced by his parents' commitment to tutoring and mentoring, he developed a passion for helping others achieve their goals and build strong teams.

This early experience, coupled with playing Division 1 football, laid the foundation for his extensive career in coaching, leadership development, and education.

Throughout his career, Jimmy has held various roles, including middle and high school principal and school district leader, where he honed his skills in coaching and supporting teams through challenges. His commitment to mentorship and leadership development has extended beyond his immediate professional sphere, as evidenced by his mentoring of individuals into leadership roles both locally and nationally.

Jimmy's impact on education and leadership spans decades, and his commitment to serving diverse communities is evident in his initiatives and accomplishments, including recognition as one of the twenty-five most influential African Americans in Southern Arizona over multiple years. Notably, his efforts in fostering diversity and equity within the education system have led to significant advancements.

One of Jimmy's notable achievements was piloting a program in 2011 aimed at recruiting underserved students into advanced placement courses. This initiative not only demonstrated success but also paved the way for the creation of the Advanced Learning Experiences department, which aimed to increase rigorous learning opportunities for all K-12 students. By targeting underserved populations, Jimmy's program worked towards leveling the playing field and ensuring equal access to educational opportunities.

Additionally, Jimmy's establishment of a STEM summer enrichment program, which later expanded district-wide, highlights his dedication to promoting STEM education and providing students with hands-on learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting. This initiative not only enriched students' educational experiences but also encouraged interest and participation in STEM fields, potentially opening doors to future career opportunities.

Furthermore, Jimmy's leadership in creating Response to Intervention Specialist positions underscores his commitment to addressing the needs of diverse learners and improving academic outcomes, particularly for minority students. Moreover, the district-wide adoption of the RTI position indicates the scalability and sustainability of Jimmy's initiatives and contributed to narrowing achievement gaps while fostering a more inclusive learning environment within the district.

By institutionalizing these support structures across the entire district, Jimmy helped to facilitate consistent and equitable access to resources and interventions for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Overall, Jimmy's tireless advocacy for every child and adult to feel respected, affirmed, and included has left a lasting impact on his community and beyond. Through his leadership and innovative initiatives, he has empowered students from all backgrounds to reach their full potential and has championed initiatives aimed at promoting equity and access in education and beyond.

Here are the reasons you can depend on Jimmy Hart to help you and your organization thrive:

  •  REPUTABLE– Jimmy Hart has served as a leader and coach since 2000, a respected leader in the field of community, diversity, education and leadership.
  • EXPERIENCED – Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who put their trust in us year after year.
  • INTEGRITY – Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose. We don’t believe in cutting corners. The foundation of our reputation is our commitment to do the right thing at all times, regardless of whether anyone is watching.
  • RESOURCES - We offer a wide variety of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your individual and organizational needs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE– We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.
  • CERTIFIED - In addition to his education credentials, Jimmy completed the Cornel University DEI certificate, completed Certified Diversity Executive training, is a John Maxwell certified behavioral analysis trainer, and certificated effective facilitator to work with fathers in your organization.
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"It's not every day a kid moves from his hometown to start a career in a new city and is treated like family. Now that kid is a husband, father of two and community advocate. I am forever grateful to be influenced, impacted, and inspired by Jimmy."

Trehon C.

Computer Engineer

"The value of a Father, Mentor, and leader in a young man's life is truly indispensable. Jimmy is all those and more! He has shown me through mentorship the importance of God, family, good character, integrity, and hard work. Thank you for being a model."

  David E.

  Account Executive

"Jimmy has been more than a big brother. He has been a positive influence in my life and amazing mentor. He keeps it real, listens, does not judge and helps you think things through. He is someone I can always depend on for great advice in any situation."

Gideon H.

Payroll Manager